George Mason University Undergraduate Programs

Accounting – Business (B.S.)
Anthropology (B.A.)
Applied Computer Science (B.S.)
Applied Science (B.A.S.)
Art History (B.A.)
Art and Visual Technology (B.A.)
Art and Visual Technology (B.F.A.)
Astronomy (B.S.)
Atmospheric Sciences (B.S.)
Bioengineering (B.S.)
Biology (B.A.)
Biology (B.S.)
Business Analytics – Business (B.S.)
Chemistry (B.A.)
Chemistry (B.S.)
Childhood Studies – Integrative Studies (B.A.)
Civil & Infrastructure Engr (B.S.)
Communication (B.A.)
Community Health (B.S.)
Computational & Data Sciences (B.S.)
Computer Engineering (B.S.)
Computer Game Design (B.F.A.)
Computer Science (B.S.)
Conflict Analysis & Resolutn (B.S.)
Conflict Analysis & Resoultn (B.A.)
Creative Writing (B.F.A.)
Criminology Law and Society (B.A.)
Criminology Law and Society (B.S.)
Cyber Security Engineering (B.S.)
Dance (B.A.)
Dance (B.F.A.)
Early Childhood Education for Diverse Learners (B.S.Ed.)
Earth Science (B.S.)
Economics (B.A.)
Economics (B.S.)
Electrical Engineering (B.S.)
Elementary Education (B.S.Ed.)
English (B.A.)
Environmental Science (B.S.)
Envrnmntl & Sustainab Stdes (B.A.)
Events Management – Tourism and Events Management (B.S.)
Exploratory (BPRE)
Film and Video Studies (B.A.)
Finance – Business (B.S.)
Financial Planning – Business (B.S.)
Foreign Languages (B.A.)
Forensic Science (B.S.)
Geography (B.A.)
Geography (B.S.)
Geology (B.A.)
Global Affairs (B.A.)
Government & International Politics (B.A.)
Health Administration (B.S.)
Health Fitness Rec Resrcs (B.S.)
History (B.A.)
Hospitality Management – Tourism and Events Management (B.S.)
Human Devl & Family Science (B.A.)
Information Technology (B.S.)
Integrative Studies (B.A.)
Integrative Studies (B.S.)
International Studies Integrative Studies (B.A.)
Kinesiology (B.S.)
Leadership and Organizational Development – Integrative Studies (B.A.)
Legal Studies – Integrative Studies (B.A.)
Liberal Arts for the Teaching Professions – Integrative Studies (B.A.)
Management – Business (B.S.)
Management Information Systems -Business (B.S.)
Marketing – Business (B.S.)
Mathematics (B.A.)
Mathematics (B.S.)
Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)
Medical Laboratory Science (B.S.)
Music (B.A.)
Music (B.M.)
Neuroscience (B.S.)
Nursing (B.S.)
Operations and Supply Chain Management – Business (B.S.)
Parks and Outdoor Recreation – Health, Fitness and Recreation Resources (B.S.)
Philosophy (B.A.)
Physics (B.S.)
Psychology (B.A.)
Psychology (B.S.)
Public Administration (B.S.)
Rehabilitation Science (B.S.)
Religious Studies (B.A.)
Russian & Eurasian Studies (B.A.)
Social Innovation – Integrative Studies (B.A.)
Social Justice and Human Rights – Integrative Studies (B.A.)
Social Science for Education – Integrative Studies (B.A.)
Social Work (B.S.W.)
Sociology (B.A.)
Special Education (B.S.Ed.)
Sport Management – Health, Fitness and Recreation Resources (B.S.)
Systems Engineering (B.S.)
Theatre (B.A.)
Theatre (B.F.A.)
Therapeutic Recreation – Health, Fitness and Recreation Resources (B.S.)
Tourism & Events Management (B.S.)
Tourism Management – Tourism and Events Management (B.S.)
Undeclared College of Education and Human Development (BPRE)
Undeclared College of Health and Human Services (BPRE)
Undeclared School of Business (BPRE)
Women and Gender Studies – Integrative Studies (B.A.)
Accounting (M.S.)
Anthropology (M.A.)
Applied Information Technology (M.S.)
Applied and Engineering Physics (M.S.)
Art Education (MAT)
Art History (M.A.)
Arts Management (M.A.)
Athletic Training (M.S.)
Biodefense (M.S.)
Biodefense (PhD.)
Bioengineering (M.S.)
Bioengineering (PhD.)
Bioinformatics Management (M.S.)
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (M.S.)
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (PhD.)
Biology (M.S.)
Biosciences (PhD.)
Biostatistics (M.S.)
Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Chemistry (M.S.)
Chemistry and Biochemistry (PhD.)
Civil & Infrastructure Engineering (M.S.)
Climate Dynamics (PhD)
Communication (M.A.)
Communication (M.A.)
Communication (PhD.)
Communication (PhD.)
Computational Sciences and Informatics (PhD.)
Computational Social Science (PhD.)
Computer Engineering (M.S.)
Computer Game Design (M.A.)
Computer Science (M.S.)
Computer Science (PhD.)
Conflict Analysis & Resolution (M.S.)
Conflict Analysis and Resolution (PhD.)
Counseling and Development (MEd.)
Creative Writing (M.A.)
Creative Writing – Fiction (M.F.A.)
Creative Writing – Non-Fiction Writing (M.F.A.)
Creative Writing – Poetry (M.F.A.)
Criminal Justice (M.S.)
Criminology – Law and Society (PhD.)
Criminology, Law and Society (M.A.)
Criminology, Law and Society (M.A.)
Criminology-Law and Society (PhD.)
Cultural Studies (PhD.)
Cultural Studies (PhD.)
Curriculum and Instruction (MEd.)
Data Analytics Engineering (M.S.)
Digital Forensics and Cyber Analysis (M.S.)
Earth Systems Science (M.S.)
Earth Systems and Geoinformation Sciences (PhD.)
Economics (M.A.)
Economics (M.A.)
Economics (PhD.)
Economics (PhD.)
Education (PhD.)
Education Leadership (MEd)
Education Leadership – Independent School Leadership (MED)
Educational Psychology (M.S.)
Electrical Engineering (M.S.)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (PhD.)
English (M.A.)
Environmental Science and Policy (M.S.)
Environmental Science and Public Policy (PhD.)
Environmental Science and Public Policy (PhD.)
Exercise, Fitness and Health Promotion (M.S.)
Foreign Languages (M.A.)
Forensic Science (M.S.)
Geographic and Cartographic Sciences (M.S.)
Geoinformatics and Geospatial Intelligence (M.S.)
Global Affairs (M.A.)
Global Health (M.S.)
Global Health (M.S.)
Graphic Design (M.A.)
Health Informatics (M.S.)
Health Policy (M.S.)
Health Services Research (PhD.)
Health Services Research – Health Systems and Policy (PhD.)
Health Services Research – Knowledge Discovery and Health Informatics (PhD.)
Health Systems Management (M.H.A.)
Higher Education and Student Development (M.A.)
History (M.A.)
History (PhD.)
History (PhD.)
Information Security and Assurance (M.S.)
Information Systems (M.S.)
Information Technology (PhD.)
Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)
International Commerce and Policy (M.A.)
International Security (M.A.)
Law (LLM)
Linguistics (PhD.)
Linguistics (PhD.)
Management (M.S.)
Management (M.S.)
Management of Secure Information Systems (M.S.)
Mathematics (M.S.)
Mathematics (M.S.)
Mathematics (PhD.)
Middle East and Islamic Studies (M.A.)
Music (M.M.)
Music – Collaborative Piano (M.M.)
Music Education (M.A.)
Music Education (PhD.)
Musical Arts (DMA)
Musical Arts – Composition (D.M.A.)
Musical Arts – Conducting (D.M.A.)
Musical Arts – Performance (D.M.A.)
Nursing (M.S.)
Nursing (PhD.)
Nursing (PhD.)
Nutrition (M.S.)
Operations Research (M.S.)
Organization Development and Knowledge Management (M.A.)
Organization Development and Knowledge Management (M.S.)
Philosophy (M.A.)
Political Science (PhD.)
Political Science: Concentration in International Security (M.A.)
Psychology (M.A.)
Psychology (M.A.)
Psychology (PhD.)
Psychology – Applied Developmental Psychology (M.A.)
Psychology – Applied Developmental Psychology (PhD.)
Psychology – Clinical Psychology (PhD.)
Psychology – Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience (PhD.)
Psychology – Human Factors/Applied Cognition (M.A.)
Psychology – Human Factors/Applied Cognition (PhD.)
Psychology – Industrial Organizational Psychology (M.A.)
Psychology – Industrial Organizational Psychology (PhD.)
Psychology – School Psychology (M.A.)
Public Administration (M.S.)
Public Health (MPH)
Public Health – Community Health Promotion (M.P.H.)
Public Health – Epidemiology (M.P.H.)
Public Health – Food Security and Nutrition (M.P.H.)
Public Health – Global Health (M.P.H.)
Public Health – Health Policy (M.P.H.)
Public Health – Public Health Communication (M.P.H.)
Public Health – Public Health Practice (M.P.H.)
Public Policy (M.P.P.)
Public Policy (PhD.)
Public Policy (PhD.)
Real Estate Development (M.S.)
Rehabilitation Science (PhD.)
Rehabilitation Science (PhD.)
Social Work (M.S.W.)
Social Work (M.S.W.)
Sociology (M.A.)
Sociology (PhD.)
Sociology (PhD.)
Software Engineering (M.S)
Special Education (MEd.)
Sport and Recreation Studies (M.S.)
Statistical Science (M.S.)
Statistical Science (PhD.)
Systems Engineering (M.S.)
Systems Engineering and Operations Research (PhD.)
Technology Management (M.S.)
Telecommunications (M.s.)
Theatre and Performing Arts (M.F.A.)
Transformative Teaching (MED)
Transportation Policy-Operations and Logistics (M.A.)
Visual and Performing Arts – Dance (M.F.A.)
Visual and Performing Arts – Graphic Design (M.F.A.)
Visual and Performing Arts – Theater (M.F.A.)
Visual and Performing Arts – Visual Arts (M.F.A.)
Writing and Rhetoric (PhD.)


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