Marshall University Graduate Programs

Accountancy (M.A.)
Adult and Continuing Education (M.A.)
Athletic Training (M.S.)
Biological Sciences (M.S.)
Biomechanics (M.S.)
Biomedical Research (M.S.)
Biomedical Research (PhD.)
Biomedical Sciences (PhD.)
Business Administration (B.A.)
Cell Molecular Medical Biology (B.S.)
Cellular/Molecular Biology (B.S.)
Chemistry (ACS Certified)
Clinical and Translational Science (M.S.)
Communication Disorders (M.S.)
Counselling (M.S.)
Criminal Justice (M.S.)
Curriculum and Instruction(PhD.)
Cytotechnology (B.S.)
Dietetics (B.S.)
Dietetics (M.S.)
Education Specialist (PhD.)
Exercise Science (M.S.)
Forensic Science (M.s.)
Health Informatics (M.S.)
Humanities (B.A.)
Leadership Studies (M.S.)
Leadership Studies (PhD.)
Literacy Education(M.A.)
Management Practice in Nurse Anesthesia (PhD.)
Master of Arts in Education (M.A.)
Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.)
Medical Imaging (B.S.)
Medical Laboratory Science (B.S.)
Medicine (PhD.)
Microbiology (B.S.)
Nurse Anesthesia (PhD.)
Nursing (B.S.)
Nursing (M.S.)
Pharmacy (B.S.)
Pharmacy (M.S.)
Pharmacy (PhD.)
Physical Education (B.S.)
Physical Therapy (PhD.)
Psychology (M.S.)
Psychology (PhD.)
School Pyschology (M.S.)
Sport Administration (M.S.)


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