Saint Louis University​ Undergraduate Programs

Aeronautics/Flight Science (Professional Pilot) (B.S.)
African American Studies (B.A.)
American Studies (B.A.)
Anthropology (B.A.)
Art History (B.A.)
Athletic Training (B.S.)
Aviation Management (B.S.)
Biochemistry (B.A.)
Biochemistry (B.S.)
Bioethics & Health Studies (B.A.)
Biology (B.A.)
Biology (B.S.)
Biostatistics (B.S.)
Business – Accounting (B.S.)
Business – Economics (B.S.)
Business – Entrepreneurship (B.S.)
Business – Finance (B.S.)
Business – Information Technology Management (B.S.)
Business – International (B.S.)
Business – Leadership & Human Resources Management (B.S.)
Business – Marketing (B.S.)
Business – Sports Business (B.S.)
Business Analytics and Enterprise Systems (B.S.)
Chemical Biology and Pharmacology(B.S.)
Chemistry (B.A.)
Chemistry (B.S.)
Classical Humanities (B.A.)
Communication (B.A.)
Communication Sciences and Disorders (B.S.)
Criminology and Criminal Justice (B.A.)
Data Science (B.S.)
Economics (B.A.)
Education (B.A.)
Engineering – Aerospace (B.S.)
Engineering – Biomedical (B.S.)
Engineering – Civil (B.S.)
Engineering – Computer (B.S.)
Engineering – Electrical (B.S.)
Engineering – Engineering Physics (B.S.)
Engineering – Mechanical (B.S.)
English (B.A.)
Environmental Science (B.A.)
Environmental Science (B.S.)
Environmental Studies (B.A.)
Forensic Science (B.S.)
French (B.A.)
Geology (B.A.)
Geology (B.S.)
Geophysics (B.S.)
German Studies (B.A.)
Greek and Latin Languages and Literature (B.A.)
Health Information Management (B.S.)
Health Management (B.S.)
Health Sciences (B.S.)
History (B.A.)
International Studies (B.A.)
Investigative & Medical Sciences (B.S.)
Italian Studies (B.A.)
Mathematics (B.A.)
Mathematics (B.S.)
Medical Laboratory Science (B.S.)
Medieval Studies (B.A.)
Meteorology (B.A.)
Meteorology (B.S.)
Music (B.A.)
Neuroscience (B.S.)
Nuclear Medicine Technology (B.S.)
Nursing (B.S.N.)
Nutrition and Dietetics (B.S.)
Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy (B.S.O.S.)
Philosophy (B.A.)
Philosophy (B.A.) Madrid
Philosophy for Ministry (B.A.)
Philosophy for Ministry (B.S.)
Physical Therapy (B.S.)
Physics (B.A.)
Physics (B.S)
Political Science (B.A.)
Psychology (B.A.)
Psychology (B.S.)
Public Health (B.S.)
Radiation Therapy (B.S.)
Russian Studies (B.A.)
Social Work (B.S.)
Sociology (B.A.)
Spanish (B.A.)
Still Deciding – Undeclared
Studio Art (B.A.)
Theatre (B.A.)
Theological Studies (B.A.)
Womens and Gender Studies (B.A.)


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