The University of Alabama at Birmingham Graduate Programs

Accounting (M.S.)
Anthropology-Peace and Human Rights (M.A.)
Art History (M.A.)
Arts Education-Music Education Choral (M.A.)
Arts Education-Music Education Instrumental (M.A.)
Arts Education-Visual Arts (M.A.)
Basic Medical Sciences (M.S.)
Biology (M.S.)
Biomaterials (M.S.)
Biomedical Engineering (M.S.)
Biomedical Science-Biochemistry,Structural,And Stem Cell Biology (M.S.)
Biomedical Science-Cell,Molecular,and Developmental Biology (M.S.)
Biomedical Science-Genetics,Genomics,and Bioinformatics (M.S.)
Biomedical Science-Immunology (M.S.)
Biomedical Science-Microbiology (M.S.)
Biomedical Science-Neuroscience (M.S.)
Biomedical Science-Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine (M.S.)
Biomedical and Health Sciences (M.S.)
Biostatistics (M.S.)
Biotechnology (M.S.)
Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Business Administration-Finance (M.S.)
Business Administration-Health Services (M.S.)
Business Administration-Management Information Systems (M.S.)
Business Administration-Marketing (M.S.)
Chemistry (M.S.)
Civil Engineering (M.S)
Civil Engineering-Construction Engineering Management (M.S.)
Civil Engineering-Environmental Engineering (M.S.)
Civil Engineering-Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics (M.S.)
Civil Engineering-Transportation Engineering (M.S.)
Clinical Laboratory Science (M.S.)
Communication Management (M.A.)
Computer Forensics and Security Management (M.S.)
Computer Science (M.S.)
Counseling-Clinical Mental Health (M.S.)
Counseling-Couple and Family Counseling (M.S.)
Counseling-Marriage (M.S.)
Counseling-School Counseling (M.S.)
Criminal Justice (M.S.)
Cyber Security (M.S.)
Data Science (M.S.)
Design and Commercialization (M.S.)
Digital Forensics (M.S.)
Early Childhood and Elementary Education (M.S.)
Educational Leadership and Administration (MAEd, EdS, EdD)
Electrical Engineering (M.S.)
Engineering Management (M.S.)
Engineering Management (M.S.)-Biomaterials Concentration
Engineering Management (M.S.)-Manufacturing Engineering Concentration
Engineering Management-Design and Commercialization Concentration
Engineering Management-Environmental Engineering Concentration
Engineering Management-Vehicle and Robotics Engineering Concentration
English-Composition and Rhetoric (M.A.)
English-Creative Writing (M.A.)
English-Literature (M.A.)
Environmental Engineering (M.S.)
Forensic Science (M.S.)
Genetic Counseling (M.S.)
Health Administration (M.S.)
Health Physics (M.S.)
Healthcare Quality and Safety (M.S.)
History (M.A.)
Kinesiology-Exercise Physiology (M.S.)
Kinesiology-Physical Education (M.S.)
Manufacturing Engineering (M.S.)
Materials Engineering (M.S.)
Mathematics (M.S.)
Mechanical Engineering (M.S.)
Multidisciplinary Biomedical Sciences (M.S.)
Multidisciplinary Biomedical Sciences (M.S.)
Nursing (M.S.)
Nutrition Sciences-Lifestyle Management and Disease Prevention (M.S.)
Nutrition Sciences-Research (M.S.)
Occupational Therapy-Post-Professional Low Vision Rehabilitation (M.S.)
Occupational Therapy-Post-Professional Occupational Therapy (M.S.)
Physician Assitant Studies (M.S.)
Physics (M.S.)
Public Administration (M.S.)
Public Health (M.P.H.) – Environmental and Occupational Health Concentration
Public Health (M.P.H.) – Epidemiology Concentration
Public Health (M.P.H.) – Health Behavior Concentration
Public Health (M.P.H.) – Health Care Organization Concentration
Public Health (M.P.H.) – Health Policy Concentration
Public Health (M.P.H.) – Industrial Hygiene Concentration
Public Health (M.P.H.) – Maternal and Child Health Policy and Leadership Concentration
Public Health (M.P.H.) – Population Health Concentration
Public Health-Clinical and Translational Science Biotstatistics (M.S.)
Public Health-Clinical and Translational Science Epidemiology (M.S.)
Reading Education (M.S.)
Social Work-Clinical/Medical Social Work (M.S.)
Special Education-Autism Spectrum Disorder (M.S.)
Special Education-Collaborative Teaching (M.S.)
Special Education-Early Childhood Special Education (M.S.)
Teaching English as a Second Language (M.A.)
Teaching English as a Second Language-French and English as a Second Language (M.A.)
Teaching English as a Second Language-Spanish and English as a Second Language (M.A.)
Teaching English as a Second Language-Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (M.A.)
Vehicle and Robotics Engineering (M.S.)


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