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Ryerson University is located in the heart of Toronto, Canada, the fourth largest city in North America. Here, students can connect with leaders in culture, business, health care or government because opportunities are adundant. That’s the Toronto advantage.

Ryerson University is dedicated to creating a culture of action. The University strongly believes that education and experience go hand-in-hand. What students learn in the classroom is enhanced by real-world knowledge through internships and co-ops, or amplified through zone learning, specialized minors and graduate programs. 

Quick facts

Why This University

  • Location: The University is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, not far from Kensington Market, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Eaton Centre, and so many other popular attractions. 
  • Physical Wellness: There are many ways to stay fit on campus. Students can enjoy various group fitness classes (such as dance or spin), join intramural sports or attend instructional classes. 
  • Facilities: The Recreation and Athletic Centre (RAC), is fully equipped with a fitness centre, two gyms, a track, squash courts, and much more.
  • Additional Learning Opportunities: Zone Learning is a new experiential program. Similar to a co-op program, Zone Learning allows students to apply the knowledge and skills they acquired in class to resolve real world problems at/for various start-ups, projects and ventures. 


  • Bachelor of Engineering – Aerospace Engineering (Optional Co-op)
  • Bachelor of Architectural Science – Architectural Science (Optional Co-op)
  • Bachelor of Engineering – Biomedical Engineering (Optional Co-op)
  • Bachelor of Engineering – Chemical Engineering (Co-op)
  • Bachelor of Engineering – Civil Engineering (Optional Co-op)
  • Bachelor of Engineering – Computer Engineering (Optional Co-op)
  • Bachelor of Engineering – Electrical Engineering (Optional Co-op)
  • Bachelor of Engineering – Industrial Engineering (Optional Co-op)


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  • Ryerson ESL Foundation Program (1 Semester)
  • Ryerson ESL Foundation Program (2 Semester)
  • Ryerson ESL Foundation Program (3 Semester)
  • Ryerson International University Foundation Program

Top subjects

Campus and location


Students need to plan their accommodations well in advance of their arrival as all accommodation options fill up quickly, well before the start of the semester.

Daphne Cockwell Complex (DCC)

Pitman Hall (PIT)

International Living & Learning Centre (ILC)

HOEM Residence (HOEM)

Tuition Fees

Avg Cost of Tuition/Year

$29,297.00 CAD

Cost of Living/Year

$12,000.00 CAD

*Application Fee

$256.00 CAD

Admission Requirements & Deadline

BangladeshHigher Secondary Certificate (HSC) (12 years of study) with excellent results including the applicable subject prerequisites.
British-Patterned Education

GCE / GCSE Minimum Requirements:

  • GCE A Levels: At least two A Levels in different subject areas with predicted and final grades of ‘B’ or higher in one subject and ‘C’ or higher in another subject.
  • GCE AS Levels: Two AS Levels are acceptable in place of an A Level.
  • GCSE O Levels: At least three different subject areas at the GCSE O Level with final grades of at least ‘B’ or higher in one subject and ‘C’ or higher in two other subjects.

Cambridge Pre-University Minimum Requirements: The diploma with competitive grades of ‘M3’ or higher in each Principal Subject.  Ryerson will also consider applicants for certain programs who present a combination of the Pre-U Certificates (Principal Subjects), GCE/A Levels and AS Levels along with IGCSE/GCSE/O Levels.

BTEC: BTEC qualifications [BTEC Higher Nationals Level 3, BTEC Higher National Certificate (HNC) Level 4, BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) Level 5] will be considered for admission on an individual basis provided program specific subject requirements have been completed/are being completed at an appropriate level and the qualifications include sufficient academic content.

  • Note: Possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Higher results may be required for some programs due to competition. Candidates who do not meet the above requirements may also be considered on an individual basis subject to space and competition.

Prerequisite Subject Requirements:

  • Prerequisite subjects should be presented at the GCE A Level or Pre-U Certificate (Principal Subject) however excellent AS Level and GCSE O Levels will be considered for some programs.
  • English at the GCE A Level or Pre-U Certificate (Principal Subject) is required for programs in the Faculty of Arts (excluding International Economics and Finance), as well as Journalism, RTA School of Media: Media Production, Accounting and Finance, and Business Management. English at the GCE A Level or Pre-U Certificate (Principal Subject) is recommended for all other programs.
  • Completion of the GCSE O Level in English as a Second Language with a grade between ‘A’-’C’ will be considered in order to meet the English prerequisite subject requirement (except where noted otherwise above).
  • Applicants to programs in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science and the Faculty of Science must include mathematics and either physics or chemistry at the GCE A Level or Pre-U Certificate (Principal Subject). Preference will be given to applicants who include all applicable program subject prerequisite requirements at the GCE A Level or Pre-U Certificate (Principal Subject).

Transfer Credit: GCE A Levels with grades of ‘C’ or better or Pre-U Certificate (Principal Subject) with grades of ‘M3” or higher, may be considered for transfer credit on an individual basis. No transfer credit is given for AS Levels. Engineering students are not eligible for transfer credits for core and professional engineering courses using GCE A Levels or Pre-U Certificate (Principal Subject).

English Language Requirements

Undergraduate Degree Programs – Minimum English Proficiency Result Requirements

Requirements reflect overall scores. There are no minimum requirements for band scores (e.g. reading, writing, speaking, listening). Subject to change. Use as a guideline only.

Ryerson Program





Cambridge English

All Engineering programs and all Science programs except Computer Science





180 and above on C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency

All other Ryerson programs, including Computer Science





180 and above on C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency

International University Foundation Program

Applicants must achieve the test score required for their subject of major interest, as noted above.

*The MELAB is no longer offered by Michigan Language Assessment. For applicants who have written the MELAB within the last two years, the requirement is 90 for Creative Industries, Journalism, Professional Communication, Media Production and Sport Media. For all other programs the MELAB requirement is 85.


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