Marshall University Undergraduate Programs

Accounting (B.B.A.)
Advertising and Public Relations (B.A.)
Advertising and Public Relations: Advertising (B.A.)
Advertising and Public Relations: Public Relations (B.A.)
Advertising and Public Relations: Sports Public Relations (B.A.)
Allied Arts (B.A.)
Anthropology (B.A.)
Anthropology: Anthropology of Health (B.A.)
Anthropology: Archaeological Anthropology (B.A.)
Anthropology: Sociocultural Anthropology (B.A.)
Applied Mathematics (B.S.)
Applied Mathematics: Mathematical Statistics (B.S.)
Art (B.A.)
Athletic Training (B.S.)
Athletic Training: Athletic Training Comprehensive (B.S.)
Athletic Training: Health Communication (B.S.)
Athletic Training: Occupational Safety & Health (B.S.)
Athletic Training: Safety (B.S.)
Biochemistry (B.S.)
Biological Science (B.S.)
Biological Science: Cell, Molecular & Medical Biology (B.S.)
Biological Science: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (B.S.)
Biological Science: Microbiology (B.S.)
Biological Science: Natural History & Conservation (B.S.)
Biological Science: Plant Biology (B.S.)
Biomechanics (B.S.)
Biomechanics: Physics (B.S.)
Biomechanics: Safety (B.S.)
Biomedical Engineering (B.S.)
Chemical Sciences (B.S.)
Chemistry (ACS Certified) (B.S.Chem.)
Communication Studies (B.A.)
Communication Studies: Health Communication (B.A.)
Communication Studies: Interpersonal Communication (B.A.)
Communication Studies: Organizational Communication (B.A.)
Communication Studies: Public Communication (B.A.)
Computer & Information Tech: Computer Application Development (B.S.)
Computer & Information Tech: Game/Simulation Development (B.S.)
Computer & Information Tech: Web App/Mobile Development (B.S.)
Computer & Information Technology (B.S.)
Computer Science (B.S.)
Computer and Information Security (B.S.)
Criminal Justice (B.A.)
Criminal Justice: Corrections (B.A.)
Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement (B.A.)
Criminal Justice: Legal Studies (B.A.)
Digital Forensics & Information Assurance (B.S.)
Economics (B.A.)
Economics (B.B.A.)
Education, Early Childhood (B.A.)
Education, Elementary (B.A.)
Education, Secondary (B.A.)
Education, Secondary: Art Education, PreK-Adult (B.A.)
Education, Secondary: Biological Science, 9-Adult (B.A.)
Education, Secondary: Chemistry, 9-Adult (B.A.)
Education, Secondary: English, 5-Adult (B.A.)
Education, Secondary: General Science, 5-Adult (B.A.)
Education, Secondary: Japanese, PreK-Adult (B.A.)
Education, Secondary: Mathematics, 5-Adult (B.A.)
Education, Secondary: Music Education, PreK-Adult (B.A.)
Education, Secondary: Physics, 9-Adult (B.A.)
Education, Secondary: Social Studies, 5-Adult (B.A.)
Education, Secondary: Spanish, 5-Adult (B.A.)
Education, Secondary: Wellness (B.A.)
Energy Management (B.B.A.)
Engineering: Civil Engineering Emphasis (B.S.E.)
Engineering: Elec & Computer Eng: Electrical Emphasis (B.S.E.E.)
Engineering: Electrical & Computer Eng: Computer Emphasis (B.S.E.E.)
Engineering: Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E.)
English (B.A.)
English: Creative Writing (B.A.)
English: Literary Studies (B.A.)
Entrepreneurship (B.B.A.)
Environmental Chemistry (B.S.)
Environmental Science (B.S.)
Environmental Science: Applied Environmental Science (B.S.)
Environmental Science: Conservation & Wildlife (B.S.)
Environmental Science: Environmental Science (B.S.)
Exercise Science (B.S.)
Exercise Science: Applied Exercise Physiology (B.S.)
Exercise Science: Clinical Exercise Physiology (B.S.)
Finance (B.B.A.)
Forensic Chemistry (B.S.)
French (B.A.)
Geography (B.A.)
Geography (B.S.)
Geography: Meteorology (B.S.)
Geography: Weather Broadcasting (B.S.)
Geology (B.S.)
Geology: Engineering Geology (B.S.)
Geology: Environmental Geoscience (B.S.)
Health Care Management (B.B.A.)
Health Sciences (B.S.)
History (B.A.)
Humanities (B.A.)
Humanities: Classics (B.A.)
Humanities: Philosophy (B.A.)
Humanities: Religious Studies (B.A.)
International Affairs (B.A.)
International Business (B.B.A.)
Japanese (B.A.)
Journalism (B.A.)
Journalism: Broadcast (B.A.)
Journalism: Online (B.A.)
Journalism: Print (B.A.)
Journalism: Sports Broadcast (B.A.)
Journalism: Sports Print (B.A.)
Latin (B.A.)
Management (B.B.A.)
Management Information Systems (B.B.A.)
Marketing (B.B.A.)
Mathematics (B.S.)
Mathematics: Mathematical Statistics (B.S.)
Media Studies/Production (B.A.)
Media Studies/Production: Radio/Television Production & Mgmt (B.A.)
Media Studies/Production: Video Production (B.A.)
Music (B.A.)
Music (B.F.A.)
Music: Jazz Studies (B.F.A.)
Music: Multidisciplinary Studies (B.F.A.)
Music: Performance (B.F.A.)
Music: Theory & Composition (B.F.A.)
Natural Resources & Recreation Management (B.S.)
Physics (B.S.)
Physics: Applied Physics (B.S.)
Physics: BioPhysics (B.S.)
Physics: Medical Imaging (B.S.)
Physics: Medical Physics (B.S.)
Political Science (B.A.)
Psychology (B.A.)
Safety Technology (B.S.)
Social Work (B.S.W.)
Sociology (B.A.)
Spanish (B.A.)
Sport Management (B.A.)
Sport Management: Facilities & Operation Management (B.A.)
Sport Management: General Management (B.A.)
Sport Management: Recreation & Physical Activities (B.A.)
Sport Management: Sport Agency (B.A.)
Sport Management: Sport Information (B.A.)
Sport Management: Sport Marketing (B.A.)
Sport Management: Sport Studies (B.A.)
Statistics (B.S.)
Theatre (B.A.)
Theatre (B.F.A.)
Theatre: Performance (B.F.A.)
Theatre: Production (B.F.A.)
Video Production (B.A.)
Visual Art (B.F.A.)
Visual Art: Ceramics (B.F.A.)
Visual Art: Fibers (B.F.A.)
Visual Art: Graphic Design (B.F.A.)
Visual Art: Painting (B.F.A.)
Visual Art: Photography (B.F.A.)
Visual Art: Printmaking (B.F.A.)
Visual Art: Sculpture (B.F.A.)


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