Oregon State University Undergraduate Programs

Biological Data Sciences (B.S.)
Biological Data Sciences (B.S.)-International Direct
Business (B.A.) Cascades
Computer Science (B.S.) Cascades-Major Cascades
Computer Science (B.S.) -Major
Electrical and Computer Engineering (B.S.)
Food Science and Technology (B.S.)
Forest Engineering (B.S.) *Pre-Major
Forest Engineering / Civil Engineering (B.S.) *Pre-Major
Forestry (B.S.) *Pre-Major
General Engineering (Freshmen only) B.S.
Graphic Design (B.F.A.) *Pre-Major
Industrial Engineering (B.S.)
Music Studies (B.M)
Music Studies (B.M)-International Direct
Psychology (B.S.) Cascades
Sociology (B.A.)
Speech Communication (B.A.) *Pre-Major
Tourism, Recreation, and Adventure Leadership (B.S.)
Undeclared/University Exploratory Studies B.S.
Undeclared/University Exploratory Studies Cascades B.S.


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